Bill Validation

Would you pay an invoice before checking it?     

If so, this service isn't for you.

While we can't guarantee what an Energy Retailer may charge you on your bill, we can guarantee that if there's an error, we'll find it and chase it up on your behalf!

Here at Energy Brokers we have seen countless incorrectly charged energy bills and we have successfully chased up adjustments and or credits for all sorts of clients.

Our Bill Validation team has extensive experience and will go the extra mile to confirm all your charges are accurate on your behalf.

This process can range from manually printing your bills and time of use reports and comparing it to a physical bill to downloading data from your current Metering Provider and validating it against your current bill.

Common errors include:

A time of use mismatch - in which case we will check it against individual NMI data

Incorrect charges - where we will go back to the retailer on your behalf, armed with a copy of your bill and meter data and get it sorted. 

While we're at it, we'll even check your tariff too !

We strongly recommend having a Bill Validation done at least once a year with the previous 12 months of data - you may be surprised what we find!

Contact Energy Brokers to start the Bill Validation Process or ask us about our other bundled services!

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