Energy Brokers Code of Conduct to Customers and Clients

Code of Conduct and Professional Guide to Service

Act in the Customer’s Best Interests

  • Energy Brokers will only offer services that you require which will be based on your instructions or agreement after Energy Brokers proposal or recommendation to you.
  • Before proceeding with providing any services, Energy Brokers will ensure that you have an understanding of our role in the energy procurement process.
  • Energy Brokers will only act on your behalf with your written consent.
  • All Client business and or confidential personal information will be kept confidential as per privacy laws & used only for the purpose for which it was provided.
  • Energy Brokers will not exert pressure for you to accept any offer, service or contract from us or from any Energy Retailer.
  • If you wish to terminate our services at any time, we will promptly do so as per your direction though any fees and charges previously agreed to will still have to be paid.

Act with Honesty, Integrity and in a Professional Manner

  • Energy Brokers pride ourselves in acting with honestly and with integrity in all aspects of our business
  • Energy Brokers will provide appropriate factual & transparent communications with you.
  • All information provided by Energy Brokers will be accurate and relevant at the time of the services unless other data or information is provided which is then clearly noted, specified by Energy Brokers or requested by the client.
  • Should you have an issue with the service we have provided, we will address the issue in a timely manner and keep the issue and outcome on record for a minimum of seven (7) years.

Provide accurate and complete information

  • Energy Brokers reports will be formatted in an easy ‘like-for-like’ comparison based on the offers submitted by Retailers. The reports will include Energy Rates, Environmental Levies, current network (correct at the time) & all other charges applicable and an estimated annual cost based on the quantities of energy consumption.
  • Energy Brokers can provide all Standard Terms and Conditions (if requested) from each Retailer in order for you to make an informed decision on which energy contract or offer best suits your needs and requirements.
  • Customers are aware that all large market offers from Retailers are ‘legally binding contracts’ with early termination clauses included in the Retailer’s Standard Terms & Conditions which is provided at the time the client requests the energy schedule for review and or signing.
  • Energy Brokers will keep written records of accepted client contracts for 7 years from the date of signing and will only be provided to parties involved in the energy process.

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