Gas Tendering

Energy Brokers complete the entire tender process on your behalf.  We are always available to answer any questions during the tender process and to provide a managed service during the term of the retail contract.

Getting started is easy:-

  1. Complete a signed “letter of Authority”
  2. Provide a recent copy of a bill (front & back) for each site

…that’s it!

Once we have the data, we will discuss with you your current Contract requirements, in comparison to what is needed in your next contract.

As part of our Tender process, we not only provide a full comparative cost analysis of all prices offered, but we also check and provide a fully comprehensive energy analysis report including:-

  • Gas consumption over past 12 months (used to benchmark current offers)
  • Review of Annual Contract Quantity (ACQ), Maximum Daily Quantity (MDQ) & Maximum Hourly Quantity (MHQ) so the new contract will ‘match’ the load requirements of the client.
  • Take or Pay Clause review (how much risk you wish to take to receive a lower price)
  • Network Access Charge (pipe costs)
  • Metering Charges
  • Greenhouse Gas emissions
  • An Executive Price Summary highlighting the best price available from each retailer for the duration of the contracts
  • A full set of supporting load profile (graphs) where data is available for AC, MDQ & MHQ
  • Contracts from all retailers
  • (Depending on your preference) advising you on the “best value” for money contract when T & C’s are compared with respect to Overruns charges.

You can choose to nominate any Contract Period length from 12 months to 5 years.

Some of our Clients