Mounties Group

We used Energy Brokers during our last electricity contract negotiations.  They provided an excellent overview of the market conditions and price volatility now and expected.  Probably the most impressive part of their actions was to tender our electricity contract for 33 months as well as 36 months.  The reduction in contract length of only 3 months resulted in substantial savings in the rate.  In addition Energy Brokers provided an overview of the efficiency of our energy consumption providing a guide to whether consumption savings were possible.  All of this for a small fee.

Of recent times we have used Energy Brokers to check gas and electricity accounts that appeared too high resulting in revisions to the accounts.  They are also an excellent source of energy management consultants in all areas that can help reduce your electricity costs through better power management.

It is our understanding Energy Brokers look after a number of large and successful clubs during electricity negotiations.  We will certainly be using them again.

Ralph Wearne

Financial Manager

‘Mounties’ Mount Prichard & District Community Club Ltd

Customer 13 years

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