Solar Systems

The primary reason businesses choose to add Solar Power to their premises is to reduce the cost of their energy bills. By consuming the energy you generate yourself, not only will you reduce your energy bill, but you'll reduce your greenhouse gas emissions too.
With Solar Power efficiency maturing and the cost of Retail Energy still rising, Solar Power Generation is something all businesses should consider.
We have extensive experience in both Large Market and Small Market systems with a customised system catered specifically for your business.
For more information on the Large Market     

- (Solar Generation System anywhere from 100kWh up to 1000kWh)

For more information on the Small Market

- (Solar Generation System anywhere from 25kWh up to 100kWh)

Feel free to Contact Us to: 

  • Further reduce of your energy accounts bills by adding a Solar System to your business
  • Provide advice on the Solar proposal you have received
  • Provide a scope to ‘tender’ to multiple recommended Solar Energy companies
  • Arrange a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) so you can sell back the ‘excess’ of solar power you have to the market / Retailer

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