Specialised Reporting Service

  • We offer an in house ‘Specialised Reporting Service’ (SRS) which is tailored to you.

    The reports will provide customers with quality data & information in an easy to read report giving you the opportunity to target high monthly consumption periods or immediately address changes in site ‘efficiency’ (i.e. low power factor). As you may be aware a lower power factor may increases your monthly KVA demand charges.

    The main difference between Energy Brokers & the competitors’ service is we use actual data – not estimates.  We include your billing information every month with a full breakdown, plus most importantly we monitor your reports and immediately make you aware of any areas of concern.  You can take comfort in the knowledge that even if you don’t have time to check the details…we are keeping an eye on your business energy usage for you.

    In essence we “report” on the Report.

    The Reporting Service will ‘check data & report’ on a monthly basis the following information:

    • Check the consistency of energy based on electronic data
    • Indicate the current month's KW, KVA Demand & Power Factor
    • Verify consumption consistency (month to month comparison) and report increases/decreases in both kWh and as a percentage (%) plus comparison to same time last year
    • Verify Power Factor (site efficiency) consistency (from month to month comparison) to reduce demand charges with last month comparison, plus a 12 month table chart and graph of history
    • Calculate the Greenhouse Gas emissions or CO2 (plus 12 months supporting data)
    • Calculate the Peak, Shoulder and Off Peak consumption breakdown – plus provide a “same time last month” comparison, supported by a graph and table providing 12 months data
    • Calculate dollar value consumption spend and subsequent average c/kWh (inclusive of network and market participation charges) from actual bill
    • Provide monthly bill total (for multi-site reporting)
    • Provide Annual cost summary (once 12 month billing data available)
    • Pie chart breakdown of monthly bill spent


    Note: For Energy Brokers to provide you with this service, your site (NMI) must have access to web data via your Metering Provider, we can confirm if you have web access already or arrange this on your behalf, any additional cost by the Meter Provider can be billed by your Energy Retailer on your regular bill.

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