Specialised Reporting Service

In house reports enhance our energy tendering services to provide customers with quality data & information in a simplified and easy to read report thus giving you the opportunity to target high monthly consumption periods and act on them.

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More than 25 Years Experience

Owner and Managing Director - Michael Fowler has been in the energy industry for more than 25 years, and is supported by a specialised team of dedicated professionals. Our team has negotiated agreements for customers in states all across Australia.

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A Uniquely Placed Service

Energy Brokers is uniquely placed in the market – as one of the only brokers with pricing arrangements with all the major retailers on the current market. Energy Brokers are 100% Independent, and will negotiate both Gas and Electricity contracts.

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Why choose Energy Brokers?

  • 100% customer focused
  • Competitive Broker rates
  • All major retailers use our service
  • Closed Tender Process
  • Large Range of Cost Checking Services
  • Greenhouse Gas (Carbon) emissions analysis
  • Fully disclosed hard bound report from all Retailers
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