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On-site Energy Audits

An Energy Audit is a cost-effective way to reduce the energy consumption of your business.


An Energy Audit is a cost-effective way to reduce the energy consumption of your business.

This can be achieved by analysing and tweaking settings, altering energy use behaviour, upgrading lighting and or some key appliances and a whole lot more.

An Energy audit will tell you exactly what is using your energy and what you can do about it.

By obtaining a thorough understanding of energy usage we can reduce your energy usage by a significant margin (often over 20%) quite easily.

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We first check your bill and make sure you haven’t been over charged upon commencing your tender
We work on your behalf with the existing retailer to obtain any refund

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We have found that retailers put their best price forward and don’t just beat the “ shown ” price by a small amount ( as demonstrated by online auctions )

Most importantly you are always in control, and always have the final choice! Energy Brokers always acts 100% in your best interest. Energy Brokers are Experienced Brokers specialising in the retail Gas and Electricity market. We make understanding current market prices easy.

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