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Solar Systems

By consuming the energy you generate yourself, not only will you reduce your energy bill, but you’ll reduce your greenhouse gas emissions too.


With Solar Power efficiency maturing and the cost of Retail Energy still rising, Solar Power Generation is something all businesses should consider.

We have extensive experience in both Large Market and Small Market systems with a customised system catered specifically for your business.

For more information on the Large Market – (Solar Generation System anywhere from 100kWh up to 1000kWh)

For more information on the Small Market – (Solar Generation System anywhere from 25kWh up to 100kWh)

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Energy Brokers

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More Than 22 Years in Business

Specialised in the Australian Energy Market ( Electricity and Gas ) price negotiations Experts in our field for business clients

Economical Service and Extensive Knowledge
Saves you time and money
Full access to our extensive knowledge of the current and past Energy Market
No “One Size Fits All” Model

Every tender is individually tailored to suit the client and their energy requirements.

90% of Customers Choose Our Services Again and Again

We successfully manage a large customer base across many different industry areas.

Bill Checking

We first check your bill and make sure you haven’t been over charged upon commencing your tender
We work on your behalf with the existing retailer to obtain any refund

Sealed Tender Process

We have found that retailers put their best price forward and don’t just beat the “ shown ” price by a small amount ( as demonstrated by online auctions )

Most importantly you are always in control, and always have the final choice! Energy Brokers always acts 100% in your best interest. Energy Brokers are Experienced Brokers specialising in the retail Gas and Electricity market. We make understanding current market prices easy.

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